To the feed
for the future

Hoi, we are NutriFly.

We produce sustainable and high-quality products for animals and plants. Using the larvae of the black soldier fly, we process regionally available organic by-products from the agricultural and food industries into protein-rich feed and a nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants. With this kind of upcycling, we can help minimize food waste and provide long-term, sustainable nutrition for our animals and plants.

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With upcycling
against waste

For the production of our larvae, we use the principle of the circular economy entirely in the sense of “zero waste”: our products are created by upcycling side streams, as our larvae convert them into energy and protein. Even the leftovers from the larvae rearing process can be further processed and reused as fertilizer in agriculture.

What the future eats


Fresh, snap-frozen or dried larvae, protein meal.


Extracted fat from dried larvae


Utilization of the remains from larviculture

Made in Liechtenstein

We are a young, dynamic team and convinced that sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. Our goal is to help nature recover by making the feed industry more sustainable.

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