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Insects as a solution

Insects bring a lot of potential to help us meet today’s challenges. They are masters at upcycling, are full of valuable nutrients, and use fewer resources in their rearing compared to traditional protein sources. In addition, insects are a natural and very tasty food source for many animals.

For a sustainable and long-term protein supply, black soldier flies and their larvae are particularly well suited, as they can effectively and resource-efficiently upgrade low-grade side streams into valuable nutrients within just 2 weeks. We take advantage of this.

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Here’s how: Upcycling against waste

We feed our larvae on an in-house mix of organic by-products from the agricultural and food industries. These are mainly products that do not meet the visual standards for sale and therefore usually have to be discarded. We get these from local producers and processors who want to have their by-streams recycled in a meaningful way. In this way, we can operate a soy- and fishmeal-free, local circular economy to create sustainable alternatives to conventional feeds. In addition, we can use the residues that are produced and turn them into an organic fertilizer that can be used to grow new plants again to secure the food supply – thus closing the circle.